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Your roof might let you down from time to time, but your local roofing contractor should be the person you can always count on. For commercial-grade services from a company who puts community first, contact the licensed and certified team, Cinco Home Improvement LLC at (203) 927-5999. We're here and we're ready to take your call!

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Is Your Roof Starting to Look a Little Worse for Wear? It Is Time for Roof Repairs

Though you might be planning to spend a lifetime on your cherished property, all the parts that make up your home might not last as long, especially your roof. Your rooftop is subjected to the area's natural forces day-in day-out, so it is no wonder that it might need a little attention here and there.

Given how vital your rooftop is to your home, you can't just let any old amateur climb onto a ladder. You need the services of a certified contractor who knows how to address common problems without creating bigger ones. That's where we come in.

We're the Roofing Contractors Whose Repairs Can Weather Any Storm!

It isn't some fluke that we're the leading contractors in our area. We've worked hard to develop our skillsets and expertise. We have factory certification courtesy of the many manufacturers we purchase our materials from. What's more, we're always learning about new roofing technologies and the latest available products.

Our Roofing Services Blow the Roof Off Our Competitors!

Whether you are looking to replace your old roof shingles with a more durable brand, or you're looking for us to do something a little more involved and intense, we can help you.

We are capable of addressing a variety of roofing issues, some of which include:

  • Multiple or Single Roof Leaks
  • Moss Growth and Mold on Roof Surface
  • Missing and Loose Flashing on Skylights, Chimneys, or Vents
  • Missing or Billowing Shingles
  • Sagging Roof Decking

Our Roofers Offer Flexible Scheduling Options for Your Added Convenience

We're homeowners ourselves. We know how annoying it can be to have roofing contractors stomping on your rooftop all the live-long day. That's why we pledge to always work respectfully, and to only work when you want us to.

The Roofing Services and Repairs with the Best Extended Warranties

We're interested in keeping our clients happy for years to come. That is why we give you more than our word—we also give you an extended warranty for whatever services you're provided with.

Trust the Roofing Contractors Who Are Certified

We have the credentials to back up our craftsmanship! Our journey towards excellency has seen us receive our GAF Roofing Contractor Certification.

Only the Best Materials for Your Roof Replacement

Whether we're adding new flashing to your roof, new gutters, or new shingles, you can rest easy knowing that only the best materials are being used.